Below are resources provided by the church for various subjects:


Baptism is a joyful experience that takes place as a church family. Our church policy is that it is to be conducted during our regular service. If you would like to schedule a baptism complete the form and email to the church office. (Email can be found on the document). If you have questions, please contact an Elder. Baptism_Form.pdf


Marriage is not a mere legal agreement between two people. It is a holy, lifelong union between one man and one woman that is based on solemn vows declared before God and in the presence of others. Our church guidelines require at least the bride or the groom to be a confirmed and active status member of St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. This requirement is the same for offsite weddings.

Our wedding guide will help provide information and steps for the wedding process. Please read the document and also do not book any venue without confirming the date of the wedding with the pastor. The date you plan might conflict with the pastor's schedule.Wedding Booklet 2022.pdf


Funerals are a time to celebrate one's life in faith with Jesus Christ. It can be an overwhelming time for the family as they experience the bereavement process; and to help in a meaningful way we have prepared a Funeral Guide. You are welcome to contact an Elder to provide guidance and support. Funeral_Planning_Guide.pdf

Sunday School Registration

For parents interested in enrolling in the Sunday School Program, please complete the following registration and bring with you on your first Sunday School Class. Sunday School Registration.pdf

Volunteer/Employee Application

For those who are serving as a volunteer and will be interacting with minors, you are required to complete the Volunteer/Employee Application. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact the Church office. (Background checks will be conducted and Child Protection Policy training will be required.) Volunteer Application.pdf

Daily Readings

We encourage all our members and church attendees to grow in the Word of God and become disciples in Jesus Christ, by spending time in God's word daily. The suggested guide is one of many daily reading schedules one could use or you may decide on your own plan. Click Here for readings. Daily Reading Jan2022.pdf

Home Communion during COVID19

The church council has authorized members of the church to participate in Holy Communion at home. We have prepared a suggested order of service to help maintain order for those presiding over Holy Communion. HOME COMMUNION BY HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD.pdf