Mission and Values

Our Vision: Is to glorify God and help in the extension of His kingdom among all people for their salvation by proclaiming the Christian faith as contained in the Holy Scriptures.


  • Provide services of worship at which the Word of God is preached and the sacraments are administered.
  • Provide pastoral care and assist all members to participate in this ministry.
  • Challenge, equip, and support all members in carrying out their calling in their daily lives and in the congregation.
  • Teach the Word of God.
  • Witness to the reconciling Word of God in Christ, reaching out to all people.
  • To carry out Christ's great commission in responding to human need, to care for the sick and the suffering, and to participate responsibly in society.
  • Motivate our members to provide financial support for our congregation's ministries.
  • Foster and participate in interdependent relationships with other congregations. 

     * Source: Church Constitution